2 Day Paediatric First Aid Training

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider
  • Be able to assess an incident
  • Be able to assess the level of consciousness of a child
  • Be able to administer CPR to an unresponsive child who is not breathing normally
  • Know how to recognise and assist a child who is choking
  • Types of bleeding
  • Recognising and managing a child in shock
  • Be able to recognise triggers for anaphylaxis
  • Be able to identify types of fractures
  • Be able to recognise concussion, skull fracture, spinal injury, conditions affecting eyes, ears, nose.
  • Recognising sickle cell, diabetes, asthma, allergies, meningitis and convulsions
  • The effects of extreme cold and heat
  • Managing incidents involving electricity
  • Recognising and managing burns and scalds
  • Managing poisoning, bites and stings
  • Administering first aid for bumps, cuts, grazes, nose bleeds
  • How to record information regarding illness and injuries